Commercial Terms

Hornopirén - Caleta Gonzalo

Buy Online

In our Platform you can buy your Tickets online through the form present in the service of each area. Our means of payment is Webpay

1.- Booking and purchase of tickets

a.- Reservations may be made up to 48 hrs before the departure. 48 hours before the departure, all reservations will be canceled.

b.- Ticket can be obtained in our offices up to 2 hours before the departure. Ticket can not be purchased on ships, except in Ports where there are no sales offices.

c.- The change of date of the trip can be made up to 24 hours before the departure.

2.- Returns

d.- When a passenger desists from a trip, the return policy will be:

1.- 96 hours before the departure there will be no retention.

2.- Between 96 and 16 hrs you will have a 30% retention.

3.- Between 16 hrs and the departure time there will be no refund.

3.- Boarding

e.- All passengers and vehicles must be at the terminal with their ticket 2 hours before the departure, otherwise I may miss the trip.

f.- Each passenger traveling on foot, is authorized to carry 2 packages as hand luggage, if this exceeds, a surcharge will be charged as a load to the floor.

g.- The departure and arrival times may be modified or canceled in cases of force majeure or fortuitous events, in which cases the company is not obliged to compensate the passengers.

h.- The dimensions of the vehicles must be exact at the same time a reservation or payment, the differences that are detected at the time of boarding will imply an additional charge, and eventually, they will not be able to travel due to lack of space, without the right to any refund of what was paid.

i.- The maximum allowed height of the rolls is 4.2 meters, if this measure is exceeded, the rolled can not be shipped, without the right to any refund of what was paid.

4.- Boarding ticket

j.- Each passenger must carry his Ticket when embarking, which can be withdrawn from any of our offices.

The tickets must be exhibited each time the personnel of the ships request it, before which the

passenger must take them with them until the trip ends.

k.- The ticket is valid for the boat, day, time and the client mentioned in it, this is not

transferable in any case.

5.- Trip with Pets

l.- In the transfer of pets, the following requirements must be met.

– Pets must be tied at all times and muzzled, these are at all times the responsibility of the owners.

– Pets can not enter the passenger room, except guide dogs.

– Pets can be moved in vehicles or pick up, properly moored or

well in caniles that are in good condition and with adequate security according to the

size of these.